While building on 15 years of groundbreaking strategy, research and predictive analytics helping clients exploit current and upcoming trends that their competitors didn’t see, Michael Clawar and James Chung realized that work fell short on some critical dimensions.

Despite crafting the nation’s strongest body of work in economic demography, and some of the most proven body of work forecasting the ‘mid-term’ future for clients, there was a fundamental limit to what human analysts alone could accomplish.

That’s when the team started building.

After 18 months painstakingly engineering data pipelines for 200+ governmental data feeds, deploying machine learning to identify patterns that humans simply cannot see, developing statistically rigorous models and algorithms that recalculate instantaneously with every new data feed, then testing and back-testing the outputs, StratoDem Analytics is now introducing data science for clients that need the nation’s best data on local-market dynamics.

The difference between what humans or current-generation data providers can produce, versus what the data science of StratoDem Analytics produces, is more than just an evolutionary improvement. It’s a fundamental revolution in local-market knowledge.

For starters, StratoDem Analytics produces more accurate data at granular geographic levels than any current-generation data provider out there.

While most data sources are only reliable at the Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) level, StratoDem Analytics is the world’s most accurate provider of economic and demographic data at the Census Tract level (e.g. for the Boston MSA, StratoDem Analytics analyzes 900+ Census Tracts within the MSA).

StratoDem Analytics also produces far more timely data, with every single release of relevant governmental data instantly recalibrating outputs to provide the most accurate ‘nowcast’ of local-market data up to the prior month. (Compare that to current-generation data providers whose current local market ‘estimates’ are basic extrapolations driven primarily from the 2010 Decennial Census or five-year averages of Census Bureau data.)

Because of that advantage, StratoDem Analytics also delivers the nation’s most accurate forecasting of local-market economic and demographic indicators. While StratoDem’s internal target is to forecast with at least twice the accuracy of official government forecasts and current-generation data services, internal five-year back-testing has found the forecasts coming in at five times the accuracy given the advantage that rigorous data science enables.

But StratoDem Analytics isn’t just a one-way data provider.

It’s basically a ‘what-if’ machine that can integrate with a client’s internal data to identify what questions and data insights would provide the highest impact on a client’s business, and then provide answers to those questions.

Perhaps the most important advantage over governmental data and third-party data providers is that those data sources provide no competitive advantage, leaving competitors chasing the same targets. Meanwhile, StratoDem Analytics is all about delivering true competitive advantage over others relying on data from before the era of data science.

For more information, email us at [email protected] or contact Michael Clawar at 617.939.9898 to get a glimpse at how data science arms organizations with the highest levels of confidence for their largest strategy and capital expenditure bets on a local-market level.

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