Meet Blaise ML: Machine Learning Real Estate Analyst

How does Blaise ML work? 

The work flow with Blaise ML is based on asking questions and getting answers, just like if Blaise ML were a human analyst. You can ask Blaise questions such as:

Q: "Of all markets: Which markets are forecast to have the greatest percentage growth of households age 80+ with household income of $100,000+ from 2018 to 2023?" and get an immediate answer: 

A: "The Villages, FL is forecast to have the highest growth rate of households age 80+ with household income of $100,000+ from 2018 to 2023 at +84.4%, compared to...
Fairbanks, AK is forecast to grow by 63.0%;
Myrtle Beach-Conway-North Myrtle Beach, SC-NC is forecast to grow by 58.7%...
...and so on

Product screenshot: Portfolio Insights. Analysis across markets.

What are Blaise's capabilities? 

Blaise ML is capable of answering a wide range of questions about markets and portfolios. For market-level analysis, Blaise ML analyzes hundreds of markets at once, identifies top growth markets relevant to your business (by region, size, exposure, etc.), and flags changes in future market growth.

For property-level analysis, Blaise ML compares growth outlooks across all properties, identifies top growth properties, and pulls in-depth research reports on top- and bottom-performing properties from the StratoDem Analytics engine.

Blaise ML provides all necessary tools for further analysis such as data tables, maps, charts, and heat maps, but also has an option of exporting the data in Excel format for your internal use. 


For a more formal introduction to Blaise: