Senior Living owners portfolio rankings

StratoDem Analytics publishes the analysis of 40 of the 50 largest senior living owners highlighting relative rankings based on the following criteria: 

  • Presence in wealthier senior markets currently

  • Future market area growth outlook for net-worth-qualified senior households

  • Change in market area growth outlook compared to the past five years

Summary of the findings: 

  • According to StratoDem Analytics forecasts, most large senior living owners will see growth rates of net-worth-qualified senior household slow down as much as 10% from 2018 through 2023.

  • This story will likely not play out evenly across all owners. At the portfolio level, better-positioned owners, such as Spectrum Retirement and Pacifica, are forecast to see net-worth qualified household growth at roughly 1.6x that of lower-ranked owners over the next five years.

  • Among the large senior living REITs, Senior Housing Properties Trust has a 1.2x stronger positioning for net-worth-qualified senior household growth through 2023.

To read the full research article and access the rankings: Senior Housing Demand Outlook

Portfolio overview - Top 5 senior living owners by forecast 2018-2023 growth

ASHA Rank Owner Name Median 80+ HH NW HH growth 2018-2023 Delta HH growth 2013-2018-2023
42 Spectrum Retirement $221K +21.5% -5.0%
23 Pacifica Senior Living $198K +21.1% -5.9%
43 Vi $253K +20.8% -9.6%
25 Highridge Costa $225K +20.7% -4.1%
48 Westminster $155K +20.5% -13.5%