Open position: Chief Product Officer/VP Product Development

The initial market response to the launch of StratoDem Analytics is creating the need for new positions that split up technology and product leadership roles. One of those roles is for a Chief Product Officer or VP of Product Development, whose responsibilities include existing and new product development to create outsized value for our clients. The other primary responsibility includes leading the growth of the product development operations in a challenging, growth-oriented environment with highly-collaborative work.

The company: StratoDem Analytics

StratoDem Analytics is a data science venture building predictive models on massive data for better US local-market knowledge. StratoDem Analytics helps some of the largest private equity funds and real estate organizations in the US make better portfolio-level and business decisions based on a fundamentally better understanding of local-market economic risk and demographic outlooks.

Location: Boston, MA; Providence, RI; or Albany, NY

StratoDem Analytics is based in downtown Boston. This position may be available at satellite positions in Providence, RI and Albany, NY.


This role will involve:

  • Working directly with company founders to build and maintain data science enterprise products across the real estate sector
  • Growing with the company to hire and manage industry-leading front-end and back-end software engineers and designers
  • Playing a critical role in bringing StratoDem Analytics to the next level of product and data science deployments


Key personal characteristics include:

  • Strong desire to learn and apply new techniques from data science, architecture, and product development -- in addition to knowing when older, proven techniques are superior or faster to implement
  • Ability to clearly justify and document strategic technology or business decisions to partners and clients of varying backgrounds
  • Ability to contribute to and participate in a fun, challenging environment with high-value technology and data science deliveries to industry-leading clients

Key technical experience includes:

  • Proven track record of bringing complex technology products to market ahead of schedule, at/under budget
  • Proven track record of understanding business/enterprise customer needs and prioritizing development around highest-value product lines and features
  • Experience developing in JavaScript (React or Vue) and/or Python (note that this position will very likely involve at least some coding in the near term)
  • Understanding/experience with material design concepts and effective UI/UX

Not mandatory, but major pluses:

  • Proven experience running an early- to mid-stage venture software product team
  • Proven experience building real estate or data science products is a huge plus

Compensation will be determined by the candidate’s experience and the role assumed. The specifics of this position will be crafted around the specific strengths and experiences of the candidate. To apply, send a cover note and resume to We look forward to hearing from you!