Market Insights
by StratoDem Analytics


Market Insights creates reports covering vital economic and demographic metrics using the most current market analysis and industry-leading forecasts

Market Insights pulls exclusive data from
the StratoDem Analytics Engine.


Best if used with Blaise ML

Submarket Mapping

Product screenshot: Market Insights. Page 2. Submarket Mapping.

Product screenshot: Market Insights. Page 2. Submarket Mapping.

Highlight submarkets on the map based on desired criteria. See where your customers are by their age, household income, net worth, home value, educational attainment, and race/ethnicity.

Nowcasting performed by the StratoDem Analytics Engine allows for analyzing market conditions as of last month. Forecasting is available for all years to 2023.

Comprehensive market segmentation

StratoDem Analytics Market Insights comprehensive segmentation builder

Drill down to smaller segments and analyze segment's past five-year, current, and future five-year growth rates, metrics distribution for age groups, and compare results with the US. 

Available metrics include: 

  • Household income by ages
  • Household net worth by ages
  • Home value by ages
  • Educational attainment by ages
  • Race/ethnicity by ages

Location quotient analysis

StratoDem Analytics heat map showing location quotient of millennials in Seattle.gif

Use heat maps to analyze segment's location quotient. 

Location quotient is the relative index of a segment's concentration in one market compared to another market. For example, if households 25 to 39 years old with $200,000 or more in household income living in Dallas-Plano-Irving, TX MSA have a location quotient of 4.65 relative to the U.S., then the percentage of households in that segment in Dallas-Plano-Irving, TX MSA is 4.65 times greater than the percentage of households in that segment nationally. 

Homeownership rate analysis

StratoDem Analytics Market Insights Homeownership Rate in Seattle MSA

Analyze homeownership trends in the market broken down by ages; compare renting against owning across all age groups; asses average housing costs across all age groups. 

Economic Growth Analysis

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 12.11.33 PM.png

Analyze market economic growth by comparing year-over-year gross product from each month running from 2013 to the present for all counties in the metro area and the US. 

Industry Performance analysis

StratoDem Analytics Market Insights Employment by industry in Seattle MSA

Analyze industry performance by historical employment growth and historical wage growth by assessing market alpha and beta. 

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