Meet Blaise ML by StratoDem Analytics

Blaise ML is a Machine Learning analyst designed to provide clients desktop access to massive computational analysis for portfolio-level and property-level market analysis and forecasting.

Blaise ML pulls exclusive data from the StratoDem Analytics Engine.

Ask Blaise ML about markets

Analyze multiple locations at once

Standard geographies—metros, counties, census tracts, and zip codes—can be selected and/or combined by Blaise ML as the basis for your analysis.

For example: Compare the Austin-Round Rock, TX MSA to Dallas-Plano-Irving, TX to learn that Austin average household income growth has outpaced Dallas by over 4% the past five years.

Median household income in Austin, TX and Dallas, TX metros

Identify top growth markets

Ask Blaise ML about top- or bottom-performing markets and discover how the selected location compares.

For example: Of all markets: Which markets are forecast to have the greatest percentage growth of households age 80+ with household income of $100,000+ from 2019 to 2024?

Blaise ML pulls the answer in seconds.

Top markets for growth of 80+ households with at least $100,000 in household income

Compare future market outlook

Ask Blaise ML about forecast market conditions, market volatility, and demand driver growth for multifamily housing demand or senior housing (or other products).

For example: Of all markets in the South Atlantic/Southeast division: Which markets have the highest alpha for economic performance relative to the US?

Blaise ML pulls the answer, restricted by region, state or metro, in seconds.

Top alpha markets for the Southeast region by economic growth

Ask Blaise ML about portfolios

Compare growth outlook across all properties

Upload a portfolio of properties locations and compare historical, current and forecast market conditions.

For example: After uploading 700+ senior living properties, Blaise ML helps to frame the questions that matter by geographic region or set of properties – dramatically speeding up the research and due diligence process.

Top senior living markets in Florida for median household income growth for 80+ households

Identify top growth markets

Get a deeper analysis of selected set of top- or bottom-performing properties powered by Blaise ML and the StratoDem Analytics engine.

For example: Blaise ML analyzes and ranks your portfolio based on key trends such as:

  • Divergence of growth rates for household income or net worth, picking out properties which have the strongest market dynamics
  • Shifts in growth up or down, helping clients to track which markets are likeliest to be undervalued or overvalued
Top growth market areas for senior living operator by median household income for 80+ households

Compare your investment portfolio

Compare your investment portfolio markets performance with:

  • The US as a whole
  • The largest REIT and investment portfolios
  • Developer and operator portfolios
  • Other real estate portfolios that StratoDem Analytics now tracks
Compare your investment portfolio by median household income growth

Dive deep into top properties

Drill down into the top- or bottom-performing properties you pull with Blaise ML.

For example: After Blaise ML identifies a top ranking property, it can direct you to StratoDem Markets, where you can break down the market further into granular submarkets or segments by age, household income, net worth, home value, educational attainment, etc. Blaise ML uses maps, charts, heatmaps and written analysis to transform raw data from the StratoDem Analytics Engine into easy-to-share content (and data exports) for segments such as households 75 to 84 years old with household income between $25,000 and $75,000.

Top alpha markets for the Southeast region by economic growth

What can you ask Blaise ML?

Blaise ML is trained to answer questions on any data in the StratoDem Analytics suite, including uploaded data:

  • Which market areas will see the strongest growth of income-qualified senior households over the next three years?
  • Of my properties on the West Coast, which are located in the most stable macroeconomic environments in 2019?
  • Among my properties in the Austin metro area, where have home values increased the most for empty-nester homebuyers over the past five years?

How do I work with Blaise ML?

It's a four step process:

1. Upload or use a standard portfolio

Since Blaise ML analyzes portfolios of properties, you can either upload a batch of addressees or geographic definitions, or use standard portfolios such as:

  • 200 - 1000 properties in the operating portfolios of the largest senior housing operators
  • Hundreds of properties in the holdings of the largest senior living, healthcare, multifamily, or retail REITs
  • Dozens of other real estate operator, developer, or investor portfolios

2. Ask Blaise ML questions through the query bar

After uploading or choosing a portfolio definition, ask Blaise ML questions that you want to answer. For example:

  • Of my properties in Florida, which market areas will see the greatest slowdown in median household income growth for hosueholds age 80+ over the next five years?
  • Which counties across the country have the highest concentration of high-income young adults?
  • Which of my properties have seen the strongest growth in households entering prime-earning years over the past ten years?

3. Let Blaise ML do the analysis

Then, let Blaise analyze all of your properties across Florida (or anywhere else) and compile rankings, highlights, and maps for you (with supporting data available for export).

4. Export or share the analysis

Use the rest of the StratoDem Research Suite to dive deeper into individual properties with Markets, share with your team or investors via PDF or online, or download the data in Excel format and use it in your own models.