Our pricing depends on a number of factors, including geographic coverage, level of customization/build time, license terms, and segment coverage.

Please leave your contact information using the button below, and we will email or call you back to learn about your specific case and give a pricing.

What core services does StratoDem Analytics provide?


The core StratoDem Analytics product is organization-wide access to StratoDem Research Suite, a powerful data-science platform that allows clients to analyze historical trends, track current developments with our nowcasts, and build confidence in future market performance with forecasts of demographics and economics for any market or submarket across the US.

What is included in the Research Suite?


StratoDem Research Suite includes:

  • StratoDem Markets
  • StratoDem Portfolio
  • StratoDem API access

Included with access to each of our platforms are the following complimentary services:

  • Data download. Download data on a single market or a portfolio of markets (bulk download) in a single Excel file.
  • Data upload. Work with us on the type of data you would like to integrate (supply-side metrics, for example) and we will analyze and map competitor locations against demand-side factors.
  • Onboarding for your whole team. Our team will walk through example use cases during an initial onboarding period for all users. We also open up access to our knowledge base for tutorials and hints.
  • Technical support throughout your subscription period.

How much does development of additional applications cost?


Please reach out to us and we will provide you the estimates during our demo

Can we have a trial period?


StratoDem Analytics does not typically provide trial periods.

With that being said, most of our clients have found that the most helpful way to assess StratoDem Analytics has been by comparing prior data to what can be generated by StratoDem Analytics. The most productive way we've found to achieve that is when clients send some of the past data (e.g., previous market studies, demographic or economic analyses), and then we'll prepare an analysis around that same site and walk through points of greatest difference online with you.