Custom market area analysis

1. Start by searching for an address

To define a new market, first click the X button to exit the previous market selection dialog. Search for a location to zoom in on...

Search for an address with the StratoDem Analytics market definition tool

2. Select a geographic layer

The StratoDem Analytics Engine supports all layers from census tracts to states:

  • Census tracts
  • ZIP codes
  • Counties
  • Metros
  • States
Define markets using census tracts, ZIP codes, counties, metros or states

3. Define the market

A market definition can be created from a variety of methods:

  • By hand (picker)
  • By drivetime
  • By distance (mile radius)
  • By entering codes (e.g., ZIP codes)
  • By drawing shapes
Define a market by mile radius or drivetime

4. Submit your market

Once your market has been geographically defined, you can give it a name and description. You may also choose to share the market with your organization. When finished, store the market for immediate analysis and future use.

Save a market definition