Dynamic mapping

High-income young adult households

Map census tracts or ZIP codes by relative concentration of households in a target segment.

For example: For young adult households ages 25 to 39 with household income of at least $100,000, which census tracts have the highest concentration versus the national average?

Identify high-concentration neighborhoods for young adults

Net-worth-qualified senior households

Map household density for target segments in every census tract across a market area.

For example: For senior households age 80+ with household net worth of at least $500,000, which census tracts have the highest household density in Austin, TX?

High-net-worth senior households in Austin, TX by StratoDem Analytics

Dynamically filter markets

Filter census tracts in Austin (or any market across the US) by:

  • Higher density of target segment households
  • Minimum number of target segment households
  • Opportunity Zone status (What is an Opportunity Zone?)
Austin, TX Opportunity Zones and wealthier senior households