The research suite for real estate
investors and developers

StratoDem Analytics helps clients across the real estate sector prepare for economic and demographic forces shaping market outcomes by building predictive models on massive economic and demographic data

StratoDem Research Suite components

StratoDem Markets
Select and analyze any market

Define or select a new market area

Build a market area based on standard government definitions or custom methods

  • 400+ Metropolitan Statistical Areas
  • 3,000+ Counties
  • 30,000+ ZIP codes
  • 70,000+ census tracts
  • Custom market areas by drivetime or mile radius

Map segments by neighborhood

Quickly highlight submarkets on maps based on growth

  • Age and other demographic factors
  • Income and net worth
  • Economic growth
  • Labor market health

Run submarket growth forecasts

Identify most correlated markets and macroeconomic risk factors - for every market across the US

  • Submarket-level labor market estimates
  • County-level Gross Domestic Product
  • Alpha and beta
  • Income growth

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StratoDem Portfolio
Build and track your portfolio from a collection of markets

Identify top growth market areas

Analyze and rank your portfolio or markets across the US based on key metrics such as:

  • Current concentration of income-qualified households
  • Market and submarket alpha
  • Relative market risk or cyclicality
  • Divergence of growth rates for income or net worth

Compare to competitor portfolios

Securely upload your portfolio locations to compare to REITs, developers, operators, and others on StratoDem Portfolios.

After uploading properties, our machine analyst helps to frame the questions that matter by geographic region or set of properties - dramatically speeding up the research and due diligence process.

Export data for your entire portfolio

From those with one to thousands of assets, clients can: export the analysis built in StratoDem Portfolios to Excel, or pull detailed reports on each asset using StratoDem Markets,

  • Export analysis built in StratoDem Portfolio to Excel
  • Create detailed reports on each asset with links to StratoDem Markets
  • Build complex internal applications using auto-generated code

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StratoDem API
Integrate StratoDem Analytics data from anywhere

Create portfolio analysis templates

Build out Excel files using the StratoDem Analytics API and share access to analysis templates.

For example: An investment firm distributed a single template file for analysis to Research and Strategy, Asset Management, Portfolio Management, and Acquisitions for standardized analysis across assets

Build in any language

Query the StratoDem Analytics API from Excel, Python, R, or any other language

For example:

  • Query population age 65+ within five miles of a latitude-longitude pair
  • Query median household income, for every metro in the US, for every year from 2000 to 2027

Integrate new metrics

Search through the StratoDem Analytics database documentation to find new metrics for your organization, including households with retirement income, local GDP growth, and net worth estimates

For example: Search in the online platform for Retirement household income to find new data sources for building internal applications with breakdowns of household income by source of income

StratoDem Analytics API Query in R

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