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Urban and suburban splits across the US

Net migration (level) by metro, from January 2020 through November 2020. Source: StratoDem Analytics

January 28, 2021 | By Michael Clawar, Danny Kaminsky

Suburban neighborhoods continue to outperform for net migration through 2020, even in markets like New York where the overall picture is negative.

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Net migration for urban and suburban neighborhoods across the US

Spike map of estimated 2020 net migration for the top US counties. Source: StratoDem Analytics

November 05, 2020 | By Michael Clawar

Nowcasting net migration shows suburban neighborhoods with over 20x the rate of net migration compared to urban neighborhoods in 2020.

2019 Q1 Senior Housing Portfolio Rankings

Map of households age 80+ years with household net worth of at least $250,000 in 2019 by metropolitan area in continental US. Source: StratoDem Analytics

February 06, 2019 | By Michael Clawar

A ranking of 36 top senior living owners based on current and forecast senior household growth, including net-worth-qualified senior households. Top-ranked owners by senior household wealth have roughly double the median household net worth for 80+ households compared to the bottom five large senior living owners.

Initial reaction to the newest release of household net worth data

September 27, 2017 | By Michael Clawar

StratoDem Analytics nowcasts off by less than 3% from official estimates

Estimating household net worth accurately

September 15, 2017 | By Michael Clawar

Deploying data science to build dramatically more accurate nowcasts of household wealth and other vital metrics