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StratoDem Analytics produces hyper-local economic and demographic forecast to analyze the demand-side growth outlook. 

Recent research article - Peak Millennial: Austin, TX

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An 18 years-long story of building groundbreaking strategy from relying on strong instincts and publicly available data to engineering data pipelines for 200+ governmental data feeds, deploying machine learning to identify patterns that humans simply cannot see, developing statistically rigorous models and algorithms that recalculate instantaneously with every new data feed, and testing and back-testing the outputs to achieve the industry highest forecasting accuracy. 


Boston, September 17th, 2018 /StratoDem Analytics/ — Peak Millennial: Austin, TX

Peak Millennial, as this piece is titled, is not just impactful to Austin, Texas. The Millennial shift into older cohorts affects the housing demand across the country. No longer the college students and early career professionals that the industry has been marketing to, they will seek different amenities, while remaining more likely to rent than earlier generations.

The new college students and early career professionals may have different preferences, but, more importantly, there is considerably slower growth in that segment demanding housing.

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